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Receiver Options

Beavertail Cut
Our beavertail radius cuts are left a little on the plus side to insure a nice tight fit. Some massaging may be necessary. Please specify which radius you would like.
Caspian / Wilson
Ed Brown / .250 Radius
Retail: $17.87

20LPI Checkering on Front Strap
Hang On!
Sharp clean CNC cut 20LPI checkering.
(Not Available on Hi-Capacity Receivers)
Retail: $84.55

25LPI Checkering on Front Strap
Hang On!
Sharp clean CNC cut 25LPI checkering.
(Not Available on Titanium Receivers)
Retail: $113.78

30LPI Checkering on Front Strap
Hang On!
Sharp clean CNC cut 30LPI checkering.
(Not Available on Titanium Receivers)
Retail: $142.67

Serrated Front Strap
20LPI serrations on the front strap of the receiver.
Retail: $33.17

Custom Serial Number
Personalize your custom pistol. 11 Characters (including spaces) Needs at least one number and one letter.
i.e. CUSTOM 1911
Retail: $52.99

Hand Fit
Your frame and slide will be hand fit.
Please note: Titanium fits will include carborization an no additional cost.
Retail: $75.00 Titanium: $100.00

Integral Plunger Tube
Guaranteed not to come loose! For those who need the peace of mind of knowing that a loose plunger tube will not keep you from taking your gun off safe.
Retail: $26.67

Plunger Tube Slot
Unfortunately you probably won't realize your plunger tube is loose until you try to take off safe... and you can't. By milling this foundation for your plunger tube the chances of avoiding this compromising situation are greatly increased.
Retail: $17.87

Ramped Barrel Cut
Machined out the feed ramp and bridge on receivers to accept integral ramped barrels. Please specify type.
Clark / Para
Wilson / Nowlin
Retail: $52.99

Series 80 Cut
Modify receiver to accept series 80 firing pin block and mechanism. (Not Available on Titanium Receivers)

Retail: $52.99

Small Parts Installation
We will Professionally install the following small parts at our shop for a small fee. (Fee Applies To Each Part)
Plunger Tube
Grip Screw Bushings
Retail: $3.81 / Item + Cost of Parts

Tactical Magwell
Integral well that allows the shooter the ability for easy stripping of stuck magazines. (Only Available on the Race Ready Style Receivers) Picture shown with optional checkering.
Retail: $16.59

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