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Caspian Arms

Serving the custom pistolsmith since 1983

  • Grip Screws




    Hex Head Grip Screws come with allen wrench.


Receiver Warranty

All receivers are guaranteed FOR LIFE. Machine operations such as lightening cuts will void your warranty, It's our call. In some cases we may offer a partial credit. We enjoy a reputation of being fair.

Product Notes

  • All receivers are on a custom order basis only.
  • Delivery times can average 8-10 weeks.
  • A 15% deposit will be charged at the time of order for slides and/or receivers.
  • Choose the .38s/9mm when ordering the Ejector to be installed on Officer or Commander receivers. All Caspian Officer & Commander slides are equipped to use the .38s/9mm Ejector.
  • All receivers must be shipped to a valid FFL holder.  Please contact your dealer and ask them to forward their FFL directly to us with reference of your order number.
  • Call: 802-472-6454 Fax: 802-472-6709 or e mail:
  • Mail: 75 Cal Foster Dr. Wolcott, VT 05680
  • Choose "CONTACT YOUR FFL HOLDER" during checkout to continue with your transaction.